1007 Days: Habits

Depending on how deeply in love you’re, 2 years is probably the best average to finally decide if it’s an act of love or annoying bad habit.

Here are 5 topic of conversations that constantly revolves our mundane married life. Let’s see how we justify if it will ruin us 😀

1) Underwear


With all the Calvin Kleins lying around, it’s love and sexy at first sight but 1000 days later, I realise it’s annoying the OCD out of me – I drilled hooks on the wall ain’t for nothing! 😅

Verdict: Bad Habit

2) The Sink

At the contrary, I must emphasize that being a lightweight OCD doesn’t equal I’m a clean person. We constantly have this debate about how sinks work.

Mr Boey: Stop leaving food in the sink. It’s hard to clean and you gonna block the pipes.
Me: Food residue can go into the sink. That’s why there’s a filter. Else, why call a sink if it cannot let something “sink” into it!

I know this annoys the crap out of him as his fear was touching soggy leftovers but my argument makes quite a sense, doesn’t it? :p

But lately, I see him bracing that fear more than ever. Hmmm…

Verdict: Act of Love?

3) Dirty Dishes

This truly shows who loves whom more. I can leave my dirty dishes overnight and 1000 days later, hubby catches my bluff whenever I say “ok, will wash it LATER”.

Then… he will just wash it for me. Despite it’s due to unbearable view, that’s still love, right? :p

Verdict: Act of Love

4) Product (Mis)placements


I usually wake up an hour after hubby leaves for work, brush my teeth and start my daily Treasure Hunt routine.

It’s annoying at first but considering all the grocery shoppings he voluntarily does and the tea he brews me, I find it cute these days for guessing what I will discover each day.

Verdict: Act of Love

5) Toilet Lid: Up or Down

The never ending battle between the two sexes.

Hubby: Don’t close, it makes it harder to pee at night with lights off.
Me: But I bought a fancy, one-piece, slow-close toilet set just to watch it close gracefully~
Hubby: yeah, tell that to that floating shit that surprises me when you (always) forget to flush 😑
Me: Cannot punish me for the bad flushing system. Huhu…

Closing the lid is right but the surprise shit is bad, bad habit… which I’m still working to convince him it won’t happen again 😮

Verdict: Super Bad Habit


Bad Habit: 2
Act of Love: 3

I’ll check this post 365 days later to see if LOVE really do stand the test of time living together.

Happy 33 Monthsary, baby!


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