Best Plants for Balcony Gardening

A 907sqft home doesn’t stop me from making it even smaller with my zen-activity.

My dad is a green thumb and I’m pissed that I do not naturally inherit that part of him lol~ He really made it looked so easy but I have at least 3 persons here that disagree gardening is easy – Me, my sister and my business partner lol!

I’ve learned some tips from my dad. Gardening actually requires some sort of skills and knowledge, but when we’re planting something easy and it dies, there’s only one basic reason for it – NOT ENOUGH WATER. Only advanced gardening folks talk about the weather, environment, soil and techniques. lol~

My dad is a MacGyver kind of guy. Hence, my gardening techniques are pretty much “use what you’ve got”. My balcony is only 8 steps wide and I’m glad that my dad taught me the concepts instead of methods 😀

Here’re some my surviving plants which I’m super proud of them right now!

Heart <3
This plant on the left turned brown entirely and the only way to save it was taking a bet, chop off all the browns and let it grow again! I didn’t believe my dad at first but it worked! Amazing…
One of the easiest growing plant for amateurs. Works well in both soil or water.
Hubby’s protein shake container makes a great pot – just had to burn holes beneath. The pot with the budding Mother-in-law Tongue (left) was originally holding a fake plant an ex-colleague gave as souvenir. It came with holes beneath so it’s great for real plant!

Challenging plant that both my sister and I find frustrating keeping alive. This plant definitely needs constant watering and best placed under shades. Mine is now at its glorious peak ever since I regrouped them in different pots. I’ve taken up the challenge to revive hers and we shall see how it goes in a few week 😀

Of course, this post is not about gardening tips :p

Sometimes I wonder how or when I picked up these habits as I clearly disliked them while growing up: home organising, cleaning, dealing with plants. In hindsight, I feel bad that I didn’t clean the toilets frequent enough to lessen my parents’ burden lol~ But I guess, when we reach certain point of our lives, we’d finally realise what we actually want and for my case, it’s the little sense of achievements I get from accomplishing what I sucked before :p I no longer give myself excuses that they will die without even trying and that’s the spirit we all need to kickstart anything!

Anyway, sorry if this post mislead you about gardening tips! I can hook you up with my dad but I think I know what his advice will be: Try and error, always water the plants :p

For whatever we do, practice and experimenting will get us there!

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