I grew up loving handicrafts, often volunteering my skills for my classroom, society and school events. Despite spending years studying for my Engineering degree, scissors and glue were still a huge part of my life till I enter the digital era of web designs and digital content in 2006 – this passion of mine became a past-time hobby. But I still enjoy every single bit of it as my source of inspiration is everyone’s good story.

Storytelling is evergreen, regardless of medium.

Even though digital media conquers the world today, there are still many who loves the touch of a book, the fragrance of a bouquet and the emotions from a sentimental piece.

But books will be thrown away and brands can be forgotten if they persisted the tradition. Hence, being a multi-faceted Creative Director, I further transitioned into a Brand Strategist as a challenge to bring the best out of both worlds.

As long you have a compelling story to tell, I will be excited to keep it alive for another day!

What I Do For A Living

Beautifully crafted short stories, just nice for a visual treat at the coffee table. Perfect for business lounges, corporate profiles and fashion lookbooks.

Throwing out wedding/event décor after its done? Get something that is both beautiful and functional.

Latest Projects