How to Choose Your Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

To get the perfect ring, there’re only two ways: One, directly ask your better half what he/she likes; Two, let her choose for both. I suggest to just go for Option #2 😀

Here’s my general guide for consideration before selecting and purchasing the wedding rings.

Research for Rings

1. Do you need both engagement and wedding ring?

Engagement rings are not compulsory from where I came from so couples spend more time hunting for the right wedding bands. For those who embrace the western culture, guys will go for the solitaire during the proposal and choose matching wedding bands later for the signing ceremony.

Harry Winston solitaire engagement ring
Harry Winston solitaire engagement ring
Forevermark Encordia solitaire ring
Van Cleef & Arpels Wedding Band

If you can’t afford a diamond ring, there are plenty of options using Cubic Zirconia (CZ).  they make quite a statement under the right lightings. However, CZ gets dull, lifeless and doesn’t sparkle once you’ve worn them for quite a bit. But thoughts matters most, right!

Swarovski Infinity Ring

2. How often will you wear your ring?

For me, this is the most important question before jumping brands and cuts. I mean, this will be the ultimate justification if you wish to have a limit to the ring budget 😂

I’m a ring person. I wear fashion rings most of the time – to the beach, to hike, to cook, to shower and to sleep. Hence, I want something that is not too shiny (for safety purposes, of course) and blends into my current lifestyle and habits.

Most wedding bands are designed to be simple to endure daily wear and tear. While designs for her varies a lot, I somewhat felt unfair for the men :p Hence, it’s really thoughtful how De Beers create their wedding bands with a hidden diamond positioned on the inside of the ring – who says diamonds are only girls’ best friend?

DB Classic Platinum 4mm Band


3. Set a budget range, together.

According to the unspoken rule by my hubby’s sources, the rings should be around 3 months’ salary. I almost felt bad for them. I wonder if it was set by a woman lol~ Honestly, if you can afford, then go for it but if you don’t, there are really many other aspects of a ring that justify the ring’s worthiness 🙂

Wedding bands with knots are quite popular and very meaningful. If you are not allergic to metals, there are tonnes of options on Etsy.

Rose Gold Knot Ring on Etsy

Momokev’s Rings

I chose my own engagement ring :p I told Mr. Boey upfront that I do not require a solitaire but a signature of Tiffany. Hence, he got me a Tiffany T Wire Ring with diamonds in Rose Gold. Based on my guide above:

Tiffany T Wire Ring in Rose Gold
  1. I believe any ring with a bling can be chosen for a proposal – wear it on the ring finger, then it’s an engagement/wedding ring.
  2. Hence, the Tiffany T Wire Rings with diamonds fits my purpose of being fashionable and durable for daily wear.
  3. A solitaire is easily 4 figures and above. Tiffany T Wire Rings with diamonds is around USD2,300 (We bought it when our exchange rate was still below x4).

Wedding band for him:

Since Mr. Boey’s given me full control of ring selections, I recommended him Cartier’s signature Trinity de Cartier – bearing the meaning of enduring relationship (fidelity, friendship and love).

Trinity de Cartier

The intertwined bands of gold doesn’t have a thick edge that gives him discomfort between fingers. Also, it’s suitable for those with delicate fingers. Trinity de Cartier may be a little difficult to wear during the first week but even a non-ring wearer like Mr. Boey got used to it within 2 weeks. If you wonder what’s the tricky part, you can view this video:

Wedding band for her:

I’ve always loved flora & fauna elements in my accessories. Hence, the moment I saw De Beers’ Adonis Rose Rose Gold Band, I knew this is what I want but was hesitating due to the unexpected budget.

De Beers Adonis Rose Rose Gold

My mind was locked to its design story. While growing up, I find Greek mythology fascinating and Adonis Rose series were inspired by the love story of Aphrodite and her Adonis. The rose and intricately entwined leaves in this collection are symbolic of enchantment and binding powers. As the rose blossoms, this iconic symbol of love and beauty intensifies with passion and presence.

I’ve always loved my Tiffany T but when I wore them side by side to compare, the Adonis Rose was a class above. My hubby saw that moment of glow in my eyes and I’m forever grateful that he let me own it for the rest of my life 🙂


Blood Diamond Rings

If you’ve watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s Blood Diamond, you may be aware of conflict diamonds. When I was hunting for unique ring options, I stumbled upon many interesting online stores. Despite all the amazing options, I was a little concerned if they were properly obtained.

De Beers 100% conflict free
De Beers 100% conflict free

Hence, in the end, I opted De Beers and Tiffany as they’ve clearly stated their methods. This is purely my personal preference, not here to judge where your rock came from.


Ring Size

I almost lost my Tiffany T twice – both times not realising it slipped off and caused a panic. Mr Boey’s ring fell off twice while removing his hand from his jeans pockets. So, is there a perfect ring size? No.

  1. Buying rings are like buying shoes – our body parts shrink in the evening – both our incidents happened during the night. Hence, you may go to your jewellery shop a few times, day and night. Else, if you’re in a hurry (to get married lol~) try on half a size smaller.
  2. Some jewellers will advise ladies to get half a size larger as women get water retention during pregnancy and fingers may not get slim over period of time. My ring is already falling off without pregnancy lol~ Hence, this option is subject to your own’s discretion.

Get the right ring and perhaps change some habits to keep it safe.

Do Brands Really Matter?

Budget usually plays a huge role when selecting rings. When a company spends a fortune in branding, it has to mean something – the stories that inspired those creations, the quality of craftsmanship and the after-sales services for a lifetime of happy memories. So, if you believe in that brand, you’re actually paying for all these efforts, not just the gem and material itself.

But eventually, the wedding ring is just a symbol of love. No matter which brand or shape you get, the process will forever be yours and only, just like how A Diamond is Forever ® 🙂

Momokev Wedding Portrait


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