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Have you ever wonder where does your guest book go after an event? I’m betting 90% of you either thrown it away or let it lie flat with the rest of your photo albums in a world called Dust. Find out how I made my guest book a useful piece of decor post-wedding here »

Private events these days are getting more and more creative – especially when Pinterest, the world’s catalog is everyone’s inspiration scrapbook. Gone are the days where you sign on a flat piece of white paper/book just for the sake of signing during reception. Peeps these days want something that is fun.

I had 3 wedding receptions. Hence, I need a guest book that is awesome and mobile. Of course, like any Tom, Dick and Harry, Pinterest is where I began my research:

1) Guest Books – The Nicer Ones

This is the most affordable and convenient option – provided you have lots of nice photos. Printing is cheap, too and if you wish to make it more presentable, get a designer for the layout or concept. That makes a huge difference from being effortless, to effortlessly pretty.


2) Fingerprint Trees

This was one of the trends that went viral on many weddings since Pinterest. I experienced it first at my friend’s garden/beach wedding and absolutely loved it! Only two downsides to it:

a) I had to get my fingers dirty
b) It may not fit more than 200 thumbprints.

But nonetheless, a beautiful piece of framed art for your home after the wedding.



3) Decorative Guest Books

If you’re a designer (or a lover of beauty), you’ll definitely begin searching here. There are so many wonderful ideas online that I wished I could all try!





How to Justify What You Want (Can Afford)

There is no better or best idea when it comes to your event. This is not a contest. By the end of the day, it all boils down to: Why you want this, how much you are willing to spend and what is the best execution that fits all your criteria. Here’s how I ended up with Beer Mug Guest Book for my 3 #momokevweds receptions »

WHY you need it to be special

It can be very superficial, or deeply meaningful. For me (Like everyone else), I wanted something memorable for my hubby and I want to impress him how thoughtful I am 😀 My competitive self was constantly on the rise throughout my wedding! Hence, the guest book must be something that plays a huge part of his life – Beer.

HOW much am I willing to spend

I looked all over Etsy and realised all mason jar guest books are very expensive! Honestly, I don’t mind spending a little but the bad news was, it’s not shipped to Malaysia! So…

WHAT can I do

DIY. Perks of having crafts and design as your survival skills.




Today, my Beer Mug Guest Book is part of my house decor and still works as a guest book whenever people visits Momoresidence! This, is what I call “Pretty Functional” décors!

My Beer Mug Guest Book is around 45x75cm and holds up to 300 wooden hearts. If you want something similar but has zero talent for DIY, you may contact me for a quotation favourable to the size you need 🙂

2 thoughts on “Guest Books for Events: Weddings & Parties

  1. Doshinee says:

    Hi Momo,
    I’m also looking for unique guest books as my wedding is next month.
    I came across the mason jar guest book but it was too expensive.
    I like your beer mug guest book and would be interested to have one.
    Can you help me? Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

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