Overnight Oats Ain’t Overated

When I was young, I definitely did not like oats. It was a nightmare swallowing lumpy, sticky oats porridges that gets worse when it’s cold. Despite its advantages for lowering cholesterol, I never gave oats another chance until recently.

Overnight oats went viral and caught the attention of many, including mine, the oats hater. This recipe gained traction especially when everyone’s more health-concerned these days. Thanks to influential marketing and social media!

But my main reason for jumping onto this bandwagon: Minimal effort, maximum return. Do less to get healthier. It’s almost like getting fit without exercising lol~!

Just like anyone else, I Googled a few websites, trying to weigh its good versus bad, trying not to blindly follow a trend. Apparently, overnight oats are quite popular amongst athletes (way before it was viral) because who wants to wake up and cook breakfast at 5.30am when your training schedule is tight and demanding!

Overnight oats recipes are all over Pinterest. There are hundreds of way to “customise” your oats but they all begin with basics:

6 tablespoons of rolled oats
Do not get instant or steel cut oats. It’ll end up like the lumpy porridge I dislike.

Just enough to cover your oats. I use soy milk as I’m lactose intolerant. Occasionally, I drizzle some honey for the extra sweetness and Nutela on so-called “Cheat Days” – you know, sometimes your mood ain’t right for clean foods :p

Literally anything. My favourites are almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, dried cranberries, dragon fruit and apples.

Best time to prep this is before you hit the sack. Leave it (covered) in the fridge for at least 6 hours. If I find it too dry the next day, I’d add in a little more soy milk before eating it at 8am.With a generous amount of fruits and nuts, this breakfast keeps me full until 12pm.

However, this is not a magical solution for everyone. I have friends who love it – as compared to cooked oats, overnight oats doesn’t make them drowsy during work; But some of my friends still dislike it because of its texture – warm or cold.

I am open to it as:

  1. I love nuts
  2. I’ve always been a cereal breakfast person
  3. I need convenience
  4. I want to curate appetising food photos for my Insta-feed at @iambentowife

Well, Point #4 is unnecessary because my hubby still enjoys eating from a Lock-lock Lunch Box 😀

Some may ask:

1) Aren’t they carbs? I thought carbs makes us fat? Isn’t it the same as eating rice?

Oats are clean carbs, just nice for low-carbs diet as some of us still need slow-digesting food that keeps us full through workouts or the day.

2) Instant oats are convenient, isn’t it? Soaking oats and cutting fruits seems like work.

Well, I personally try cutting back anything with the word “instant” because they are the most processed version of anything. Instant oats usually comes with sugar but that’s not my biggest concern as my fruits are sweet, too 😀 So, I guess I’m just trying best to eat what is right, without overly obsessing with numbers.

If I have kids, I’ll make sure I try this method, so they’ve tried all options before deciding to hate it forever 😍

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